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Right, I swear I've tried to complete an entry at least eight times this year, and while I put in a pretty good showing in starting this same entry, my follow-through is absolutely abysmal. This time, however, we will get there, as much as this may be the most cryptic and least informative post in this history of this journal (no mean feat considering the adolescent wandering and wangsting at nothing in particular).

So anyway, this adulthood gig - still twenty-three currently, but I feel like I already am, or am about to become, the oldest twenty-three year-old ever, or at least the oldest twenty-three-year-old I'm personally well-acquainted with. So my life is on in a big, big rather terrifying way - monumental life-change, etc etc, things I didn't expect at all a year ago; 2012 the shit is on. As much as I try to assemble this into something I can process and understand I do nothing but fall short repeatedly. I think I've half resigned to the fact it will only dawn on me when it's hitting me in the face, with everything I had known to be my life whipping past me long after it had flickered out of existence (only I was too distracted to notice at the time) leaving a heaving behemoth of a completely new creature in front of me, curiously small and strange and impossible to fathom presently or ever.


Apr. 2nd, 2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
Dude! The most appropriate way to respond to a cryptic entry of ambiguous disposition is always a dilemma, so I'm just going to cover my bases and say, um - I just hope you've got your seatbelt on! Or something. In this demolition derby of life.

BTW, I forgot to mention this to you on Gchat but I spent my last night in NY at The Strand, where I happened to have an extended encounter with a Pretty Half-French Boy while we were both stalking the poetry aisles. Which, you know, for an asexual ogre like me, is pretty much the pinnacle of romance.