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a small and fundamentally ridiculous person.

7 May 1988
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(the)boy done wrong again, 101, 1602, 2046, accented tieboys in hats, accents, adrien brody, aimee mann, alan moore, all-your-bass-are-belong-to-us, audio!davenport, beatles, belle and sebastian, boys in hats, buffy the vampire slayer, but it feels nice!, cary elwes, chocolat(e), chuck palahniuk, commodore james norrington, conflicting summer pictures, coraline, costumed!seth green, coupling, dandy warhols, dave mckean, delgados, denial, dhani harrison, do-do-do-doom, donnie darko, edward norton, eli/logan, elliott smith, episodic buffy dreams, eternal sunshine, ethan hawke, fight club, franz ferdinand, french hats not caps, gary oldman, geek!spike, george harrison, gilbert grape, graphic novels, guil/ros, guildenstern, harry/draco, hats, igby, igby goes down, infernal affairs, jack davenport, jack sparrow, jack-bauer-as-personal-lord-and-saviour, joaquin phoenix, john lennon, johnny depp, kieran culkin, kill bill, league, lisa germano, lists, literature, logan echolls, logan/veronica, lost in translation, love-on-trains, messrs k and h, mina/hyde, mojave 3, monty python, moulin rouge, mr. orange, musical!norton, musical!roth, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, of england this time, one-oh-one, oz, party monster, peter smith-kingsley, pirates of the caribbean, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, repeated apocolypi, reservoir dogs, rosencrantz, roth/oldman, sandman, seth green, some days, some kind of solitude, spike, terry gilliam, the dread pirate roberts, the full monty, the lord-shaper, the office, the postal service, the princess bride, the state i'm in, the talented mr. ripley, the white album, tieboys in hats, tim roth, tom ripley, tom stoppard, tom/peter, tony leung, trainspotting, tyler/jack, uninteresting boy (of-my-heart), v, veronica mars, wesley/angel, wonka!depp, writing, yoshitaka amano